Bite into a pastry, find a diamond

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Here’s hoping that whomever finds the faux diamonds doesn’t a) chip a tooth, requiring more than 600 euros worth of dental work; or b) choke on the damn thing.


At lunch, I found out I was unknowingly running a similar contest in my lentil stew, with the part of the faux diamond being played convincingly by about 10 carats of remarkably clear quartz

mercifully no damage, but I would not seek to repeat the experience


Reminds me of a “Homer Price” story from my childhood where someone lost a gold bracelet in a doughnut machine and the whole town munched doughnuts till they found it.

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Bite into a pastry with a diamond, find a dentist.

France. Everyone already paid for that bill. Because they have nice things everyone else except the US has.


This sounds like a somewhat fun but quite gimmicky promotion.

A carat - the unit of mass used for gemstones and pearls, weighs 1/5 of a gram (200 mg). The diamonds being offered are 1/5 (0.20) of a carat, or 1/25 of a gram. A typical raisin weighs right around a gram. Therefore these diamonds will weigh the same as 1/25 of a typical raisin.

So these diamonds are pretty small. The only reason I bring this up is to help people visualize it in their minds, and also to say that 600 Euros is pretty steep for an unmounted diamond of that size. See the size representation on the lower right of this chart:

(I’m leery of how accurately the sizes will be displayed if I post the image here directly.)

Are dental bills included in France’s socialized medicine? They’re not, here in Canada.

a) One word : healthcare
b) We cook the poor bastard, eat him, and the one who found the diamond win it.

So, I was curious and took a look… While routine dental care seems to be covered pretty well by France’s socialized healthcare system, more expensive procedures (like, presumably, getting a broken tooth fixed after breaking it on a fake diamond) aren’t covered quite as well.

Well, I don’t have personally that kind of problem. Sooo, I don’t exactly know. I break a tooth once (a small bit) but I didn’t pay anything. But they’re right, specialist ask more and more money and the mutuelles don’t allays follow.
My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no idea the Gallette des Rois was such a French thing…

And I’m curious about the “New Orleans version” of it !

Really different from the French one :

The name didn’t give it away?

Well, in France Christmas is “Noël”, Easter is “Pâques”, French names ! But not exclusively French traditions.

(thanks for the drum solo, Doug)

An article in English about it :

According to David Sedaris in one of his books, (Me Talk Pretty One Day, I think) dentistry is socialized in France. I don’t know if that’s actually true though.

But as my linked article above stated (after I did a quick googling) - a lot of the more expensive stuff doesn’t seem to be covered (or only a small fraction of the total cost is covered).

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