"Bitter Root" is a frighteningly topical steampunk horror comic set in the Harlem Renaissance

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Looks great; I just wish whoever was responsible for that blurb knew the difference between a dash and a hyphen.

This looks like an excellent book and I will be tracking down a copy at my local comic shop.

This isn’t a nitpick: it’s a comicbook and the artists are comics artists or illustrators, NOT cartoonists. Cartoons are animated visuals.

I am an artist and illustrator, not a cartoonist. My illustrations are not cartoons.

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I’m aware of this distinction, and I should have clarified — I intended to use “gritty cartooning” to describe the aesthetics of Greene’s illustration style. But I recognize that I left the word “illustrator” out of it, even though I know that’s what he does.

O you nitpickers and nitpick-enablers! Cartoon is a very old and very fuzzy word and current usage includes both animation and single panel stills AND comic books but not the carton the milk comes in although the etymologies converge and often there are little cartoons thereon (moo-out to Elsie!). But the definitional fuzz I agree has spread a bit too far and the compensating shift is trending your way (though it could snap back at any moment) and I applaud your struggle to impose your will on the language with a self-righteously wounded prescriptive frenzy, well done! that is how change happens!

Yeah, Cartoon has within it a 40% chance of being a Nintendo property or whatever collectible card something is called, 0.2% chance of being an indie comic, and a 2% chance of being the sort of proof without words that explains how English (and derivs.) Colonial Justice may be. How would that have to blow up in the crucible to get this? Not just spookily… https://imagecomics.com/creators/sanford-greene aCK! b&w author images. Lessee… http://theblerdgurl.com/interviews/power-man-battleborn-secret-sauce-sanford-greene-interview/ ooh, UA collab TBA? https://www.marvel.com/comics/creators/7718/sanford_greene That dialogue placement! http://smashpages.net/2020/07/07/smash-pages-qa-sanford-greene/

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