Dan Goldman's Red Light Properties: realtors who specialize in exorcising haunted houses


Oooooh, fiction! I see! I read the headline and just assumed it was a thing. Probably a Florida/California thing, but a thing.


It is a thing… it is a thing in the basement…

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Oooohhh. . . . I can’t wait until this is a show on the History Channel.

Sorry, “History” Channel.


Stole the words right off of my keyboard

OH? Are IDW “good guys”? I thought they were just lowest-common-denominator bottom feeders who ground out lackluster licensed properties.

Am I just getting old or is the text of this comic so small as to be barely legible?

They specialize in licensed stuff, yes. If that alone is enough to turn you off, well, that’s your prerogative. Their run of Transformers comics has been pretty fantastic.

(I haven’t read much recently, but last I heard the Autobot/Decepticon war is officially over and Starscream and Bumblebee are trying to hold together a fragile coalition government against warmongers from both factions. Crazy stuff.)

So what’s with the art on this thing? A hybrid of traditional comics, photos, and really awful 3D? I’m okay with the first two, but the shoddy and poorly-integrated 3D just gets to me.

I got hooked onto this last time it was mentioned on BoingBoing. I read all of them in a week. They were free then, But this is the best graphic novel out there by a long way. I would happily have paid high prices.

Then Mr Goldman put all of his stuff in paid for. Fine. I will happily buy Red Light Properties as long as it is updated. I don’t even mind paying for the old stuff as long as I get new stuff. This is the real thing. The mother load. Real ‘literature’ that is fun to read and is great ‘art’ as well. Where comics should be.

Just where is the new stuff? This new option to buy is just what I have seen before. Years ago. Which is fine. Make me buy all of it. Just give me more story after!

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