Bizarre video leaves Reddit users baffled: three women's desperate struggle with locked door caught on camera

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Are we sure the women pictured aren’t Marisha, Laura and Ashley? The CR crew has had historically bad luck with doors…


Those are modest skirts, but not long: midi, not maxi.

They’re not wearing wigs or other head covering.

That’s where I am too. I see the camera on the frame above the door right next to the open car gate, but can’t tell if it’s angled to only see right in front of the gate. And if that were the case, why not run to the right, away from the camera?


Oy, my dear friend, it’s hard for me to say for sure vhat’s going on vithout more information. But if I had to give my own opinion, I vould say dat the possibility of the vomen being Orthodox Jews observing the Sabbath seems plausible to me. Dey might be vaiting for someone to open the door for dem due to the restrictions on touching buttons or using electronic devices during that time. It’s a common practice among our people.

However, it’s also possible that there could be some other explanation entirely. Maybe the vomen are indeed trying to escape from a restrictive environment, or perhaps they’re dealing vith a malfunctioning door and are determined to fix it. It’s really hard to say vithout more context.

So, my friend, I vouldn’t vant to lead you astray vith my speculation. It’s best to keep an open mind and wait for more information to come to light. Let’s hope that eventually the truth vill be revealed, and ve can put all these theories to rest.

mental slavery
*I could see their outfits being similar to the girls in Crown Heights pictured in this article: A Glimpse Inside the Hidden World of Hasidic Women - The New York Times

The whole thing seems like a summary of Erich Fromme’s book Escape from Freedom

What if there’s an IR/other beam sensor on the vehicle gate that would trip if they stepped through it, but not on the door?


Conservative Jews can take those rules pretty seriously, too.

Of course, that’s why a lot of places - conservative and Orthodox - have a Shabbos Goy to help out.


For those pointing out the electrical versus manual work needed to open each option: the gate has already been opened, so they can walk through the opening if that’s all it was. Just as you can use Kosher mode with your oven to cook something for Shabbat. As long as you didn’t do it, you’re free to go.




I was focused on trying to glean from the background where this took place, including reading the graffiti on the walls (too low res to make anything out.) But because it’s so low res, for all we know there’s a plexiglass screen where the gate opens up or something else (laser beam security system they don’t want to trip. . . that for some reason doesn’t apply to the door?)

Place I worked at years ago: the hall from the loading dock to the warehouse had a garage door leading to it, and a standard doorway next to it. We would roll up the garage door and it would stay open all day. One of our accountants would come walking up the hall, and swerve to open the door rather than continue in a straight line through the already opened garage door. All I could figure was maybe it’s some kind of OCD thing. Or maybe he was paranoid about the garage door suddenly falling and hitting him.


…Vhy are ve talking like vampires?


At the very least, I think it shows that they need to make sure the pedestrian door works, because without the sensor/clicker/whatever thingy they might not be able to get back in through the large gate anyhow.


I was positing an implication of reverse vampires not being able to cross the threshold except where invited.

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Were you? Where?

Based on the long comment that used all the 'v’s that the person I replied to had questioned (not the video itself)

I think I misunderstood your meaning in the first comment! Thanks for clarifying!

But we’ll know more if @Lightmatrix decides to clarify…

Yeah, I wonder if before leaving they told a goyim assistant to “open the gate” and the wrong one was opened. If the big gate is seen as one whose sole purpose is to serve a motor vehicle… mayyyybe that’s why orthodox wouldn’t cross through the gate. Possibly it is not about the law but even the appearance, if this is in a community where gossip about breaking a commandment can ruin you. In Israel the taxis (at least from Friday afternoon to Saturday night) are all driven by non-Jewish arabs, but strict orthodox still consider it strictly forbidden to use them unless it is a life threatening emergency.

Unmarried Orthodox Jewish women don’t always cover their hair, and (round here at least) often dress similarly to these three. That said, I’m not voting for that explanation.


im more concerned that they didn’t look for traffic before rushing across the street. there were cars out there!

In other words…