Creepy gingerbread man caught on camera trying to walk into someone's home (video)

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I am reminded of the time me and some friends were driving around in Las Vegas, we were stopped in traffic when a homeless guy casually walks up to the car and tries the passenger door where a friend was sitting at. It was locked thankfully but just as casually as the guy came up he walked away like nothing happened. The friend freaked out because who knows what the guy would’ve done to her.


Jesus Christ, people. Get off of Nextdoor and disconnect your Ring, already.

“It is kind of like a horror movie”

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Paranoid MFers.


They’ll never catch him.

He’s the gingerbread man.


It seems an incredibly unlikely costume for a would-be thief or other villain (it’s way, way too awkward), but a pretty likely costume for someone trying to find a holiday party/play a joke on a friend (especially since he probably can’t see very well out of the costume, and is thus more likely to end up in the wrong place).


And they’re clearly looking something up on their phone multiple times and looking around as if lost. Somehow I doubt it was an Instructable about “how to be a burglar”.

Fox News deserves plenty of criticism for keeping people in pants-shitting mode, but we’re really not doing ourselves any favors with our homebrew surveillance state, either.


Probably NSFW…

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I hear about all these people freaking out on NextDoor just because their camera caught a non-(white/cis) person walking past their house. The homebrew surveillance state turns out to be an even bigger (and weirder) reactionary nightmare than the most dystopian government version.


Wait a second…

Everyone panic!


I must have the weirdest Nextdoor feed, then. It’s mostly grifters begging for cash and surveillance videos of cars getting broken into with the occasional “what were all those first responders doing at X intersection yesterday?” tossed in to spice things up.


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Oh yeah, it’s mostly that. And my own neighborhood doesn’t have anyone freaking out about non-white passers-by - because that would be nearly everyone - but I’ve seen stuff from other areas that’s just hair-raising. (But in general, by providing a record of every single minor crime happening in the area, people’s notions of the crime rate trends become really skewed and they freak out. I notice my mother, since she’s been on NextDoor, is convinced the crime rate has gotten worse in her neighborhood - even though it’s absolutely better now than any point in the 50+ years she’s lived there. She’s just suddenly comparing the crimes happening to less than a dozen or so immediate neighbors with everything that’s happening to almost 4000 people…)


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