Bizarro Congressman Andrew Clyde claims fentanyl seizure is proof that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is failing

Originally published at: Bizarro Congressman Andrew Clyde claims fentanyl seizure is proof that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is failing | Boing Boing


Fentanyl has out paced the meth issue up here in the High Desert, I shudder to think what’s the next drug that’s coming down the pike.


Eleven thousand pounds of fentanyl, or eleven thousand pounds of fentanyl pills?

edit: from some paper

Pill analysis revealed fentanyl amounts of 600–6,900 μg/pill and smaller amounts of other pharmaceutical medications (Table 3). Pills were obtained from six patients who voluntarily provided them for sampling had a mass ranging from 402 to 489 mg (mean, 454 mg).

(So heaviest case like 1.7% fentanyl if we’re talking pills, or a bit under 200 lbs of
fentanyl out of eleven thousand pounds, which could kill 12% or so of the us population.)




This has been a big GOP talking point for the past few months, with similar tweets from other members of Congress. It makes no sense. Their supporters try to rationalize it by claiming “if that much is getting seized imagine how much is making it in” which is some wacko logic.


To be fair, it’s right on brand for the GQP/tRumpers.


It’s really quite simple really. The gQp will take anything remotely positive and turn it negative and throw it over the fence like a monkey flinging sh*t in a zoo.

Wipe on. Wipe off.


It’s not really “logic”, it’s thinking with your gut.

No fentanyl was seized during Trump’s presidency, because drug runners were so scared of Trump, and the border was so well protected by patriots, it was literally impossible for something like that to happen. (Imagine the border as a magical force-field that is powered by Trump’s awesomeness and patriotism.)

Literally anything happening during Biden’s presidency is because there’s a tidal wave of bad guys racing through, now that the force field is gone and the patriots have been arrested or whatever. Probably the drugs were found by a hiker, like a pallet fell off the back of a convoy truck.


It is bound to be a mélange of several different drugs.

How is Andrew Clyde planning to administer these deadly doses?

@tenbrook From what I understand, the only real measure of successful drug enforcement is Street Price. If the Street Price isn’t going up, then the supply chain isn’t being disrupted.


Apparently this is not new. They’ve been using the same tactic for a while now.

Except wouldn’t that same logic apply under Trump?

Answer: nope.

Under Trump it’s a victory, under Biden it’s a failure.


yep. One of my senators tweeted out a similar thing a month or two ago.


Fentanyl cures COVID. You heard it here first.

Problem solved.


Allow me to explain Congressman Clyde’s logic to you - after all, librul-owned twitter doesn’t lend itself to a nuanced explanation.

America’s moral fibre has disintegrated rapidly in 11 short months under Biden. Many (particularly blacks, socialists and Democrat voters) now turn to fentanyl because Biden has coddled them and they are weak of mind. Any Republicans using fentanyl have just lost their jobs because of Biden and the Democrats and their desire to implement autocracy through Covid-19 measures and the weakening of hetero family units by allowing gay rights. All of this has led to a rapid increase in demand for fentanyl

Yes, our border staff are intercepting a lot of fentanyl, but that is because Biden’s policies are leading to much more fentanyl being trafficked! And what is Biden doing to stop that? Certainly not engaging in disrupting and fighting producers outside our borders! He is genuflecting to China and even central American countries who are all too happy to send this product our way! This is what you get with a weak, socialist president!


It really does seem to be a weird math where the amount seized is a fixed percentage of what’s getting through. So when there was no news of drugs seized at the border under Trump, it’s obviously because nothing got through, because Trump was so amazing at the border.


I mean, he’s right, just not about it having anything to do with Biden. All CBP seems to be good at is terrorizing migrants and refugees while watching vast quantities of drugs, guns and other contraband across the border. Whenever I hear a figure like 11,000 lbs, I assume that this means they’ve missed at least 1,100,000 lbs elsewhere. It’s like crowing that you scored a touchdown in a 50-6 loss.



That still leaves the question whether you’re more impressed when the figure seized is lower.


Although, to be fair, guns aren’t really entering the US, they are being exported.


From everything I’ve read, it’s a two-way traffic. But yeah, Mexico is certainly not even near the top of the list for problematic sources. Just another example of priorities the War on Drugs blinders us to.


Illegal export of firearms out of US is >10x illegal import.


And legal export, I assume, is many times more than that.