MAGA congresswoman furious that Border Patrol seized fentanyl

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Given her outrage and GOP politicians’ penchant for projection, I’m guessing some or all of that fentanyl was hers?


Pissed she didn’t get her shipment.


More like, pissed it wasn’t specifically “found” on 10,000 immigrants that she could call out as scary and dangerous.


I think the implication she’s relying on is that the CBP couldn’t possibly have caught every shipment, or even a majority of them, so if they stopped this one, how much actually made it through? Which, actually…fair question. I doubt smugglers would use this method if they got caught every time.

The thing is, though, is that I don’t care how much of this we stop at the border, it’s not going to solve the problem. The demand will still be there, no matter how much we affect the supply. We need to stop the war on drugs, including Fentanyl, and start treating addiction like the disease it is. Treating the disease will reduce the demand, and Fentanyl seizures will drop. It’s actually not that complicated.


Or perhaps that more should have been done to prevent the manufacturing of the fentanyl, before it was even shipped to the US.

Too bad she’s incapable of expressing such a simple concept.


If you cut off the manufacturing of fentanyl, addicts will move on to some other opiate. It still doesn’t fix the problem. Plus, Fentanyl does have legitimate uses.


That’s the standard GOP playbook. If Democrats are in charge, law enforcement busts are evidence that crime is running rampant. If Republicans are in charge, law enforcement busts are evidence that law and order is being maintained by our brave boys in blue.

Similarly, no big busts mean either there is no crime or crime is going unpunished, depending on who is in charge. Reality distortion field in full effect.


I think you might be giving her too much credit. The thought process in her tweet is “fentanyl = bad; more fentanyl = more badder.” Note that it might not be the limit of her calculus but rather the limit of her messaging to the MAGA base, which is worse.


Case 1
Volume of fentanyl seized at the border is down – the Biden administration’s lax policies are allowing drugs to flood into the country unchecked. This is an outrage!

Case 2
Volume of fentanyl seized at the border is up – the Biden administration’s lax policies are encouraging Mexican druglords to try to flood our country with drugs. This is an outrage!


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Then maybe Red states could support their population with treatment and social services and basic income and health care rather than letting them self medicate with fent.


She wants people to buy Amurican drugs.


That one red packet… Are they smuggling Sriracha now too?


I think this is one more example of how one political party can never say anything even remotely positive about the other party.
Any news can be spun the wrong way. This/she is just a glaring example.

I wasn’t advocating this approach. I agree with you. I was simply guessing at one possible stance the legislator might have been thinking of.

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She represents northern New York state, bordering Canada. It seems odd for her to be screaming about securing national borders without mentioning the one in her district. Maybe because for her and her supporters Mexico is a scary, unknown, far-away place full of “others”, and fomenting anger over imagined problems is easier than honest discussion about the real world


Good luck with that.

It’s coming from China via Mexico.

It’s coming from smaller scale producers in Central and South America

It is even being produced domestically.

Maybe maybe you could crack down on domestic production, but it just isn’t feasible to stop international production and trade, especially if the other countries are unable or unwilling to help much…

Prohibition rarely works, especially for high demand products.


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Dealing with addiction as a disease and ending the disastrous war on drugs would help to dry up demand, which would be much more effective than preventing manufacturing… unless you’re really keen to start an international war over drug production… That would not be worth it, when we have other, much more effective tools than force. We need to stop treating every problem like a crime…

Really, you’re giving her far too much credit…

Pretty much all far right republicans are whinging about the southern border, because they are racist and scared of Brown people looking for a better life.


Dem if you do, Dem if you don’t.