Björk's home studio (1994)

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lol OF COURSE Bjork’s home studio is on the floor, and she moves components around with her bare feet. OF COURSE.


If she’d had actual turf and rocks on her floor, I wouldn’t have been surprised.


I saw the studio video posted a few days ago on a music blog I read, and it included a couple other Bjork videos, wherein she says some great things including:


video ends too soon, but I hear in the original she sprouts pixie wings and flies away after saying goodbye


In 2012, Oliver Sacks and Bill Hayes went to visit Bjork at her home in Iceland. The visit is described in Hayes’ wonderful book, Insomniac City, and you should read it.

I’ll quote a part of the description, but you should read the whole thing.
“Bjork urged us to sit and eat. The chairs were carved from tree stumps. The tablecloth was embroidered with seashells. On the table: warm, salted mixed nuts in tiny dishes. Almost immediately she brought out a steaming pan of baked trout, a salad, and a bowl of boiled potatoes — ‘I like it with the skins left on,’ she said, almost apologetically, ‘don’t you?’ O and I nodded.”

If you want to know about the rocks, you should read the rest. You should read the rest anyway. Those tears aren’t in my eyes, they’re in your eyes.


I actually thought I’d seen this here the other day, but it was actually here:


wow … you can’t even se her, ummm, schlong… in this video>>>

(esoteric Beavis Reference)

Heh, I still have that exact model Portastudio, even though the coked-out son of the owner of the Lincoln Tap Room tried to claim it was the club’s when we recorded our set there. Never tried working it with me feet, though. Me hands are hammy enough.

She’s so wonderful and geeky; some years ago I wrote comments on a YouTube posted SPACE1999 ep, and she replied! We actually had a short discussion about the shows great vibes.


Nobody here can convince me that Bjork isn’t what happens when a particularly good natured changeling decides to get into music rather than cursing humanity for something before it decides to go back among the fae.

This post led me to the Yamaha QY20 on Björk’s floor studio. That’d be fun to have around the house!

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