Black cab mounts pavement in London, police say not terror

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I, for one, welcome that the car on pedestrian violence is finally getting the attention it deserves. Streets, and sidewalks especially, are for people! (Not sarcastic. I am definitely sad for all hurt pedestrians. But there need to be more stories about injured pedestrians and unsafe streets before the news outlets scream terrorism.)


I assume the cabbie was white?

Fortunately, I listen to The Grammar Girl and knew from a recent podcast that in British English, they use “pavement” to mean the pedestrian walkways that border vehicular roadways.

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I haven’t been in London in a long time but they certainly skewed very white when I was younger. Minicab drivers didn’t.

Very white and likely to say things like England first, which as we all know from the murder of Jo Cox qualifies you as a lone wolf rather than a terrorist.

This does not refer to any knowledge about this incident but more about how we allow our media to do IS’s work for it (even as it ceases to exist!) in our counterproductive and uninformative reporting of violence.


It’s your white right to assume that.

carriageways? :wink:

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