Black Lives Matter. Still


White, male, red state truckers.




A good thread on MLK and “civility”:






I’m actually kind of worried about Rep. Waters right now:

You know if something happens to her, Hannity, that… I can’t think of something lower than shitstain… won’t receive any backlash for that.


Photo from two days ago.


OK, this isn’t entirely fair. If that hydrant hasn’t been cracked in a few years, in a section of pipe that really hasn’t been used in 4 years, the water coming out will look like that for many minutes (like up to an hour), even if the water isn’t tainted with lead. Lead in water has no color. The color you see here is from iron.


Yeah, I’m sure you’re right.

OTOH, I do not feel partiicularly inclined to be “fair” to the people who are continuing to poison the people of Flint. They have forfeited that privilege.

Edit: and this is what was in the taps…

The initial fuckup with the pipes knocked more than lead loose.





Perhaps not, but inaccuracy dilutes the message.


One of the responses to the original tweet:

Is the discolouration due to lead? No. Is the water discoloured? Yes. Is this discolouration related to the catastrophic mismanagement of the Flint water system? Yes.

Yeah, a hydrant that hasn’t been flushed in a long time will have discoloured water. Given what was done to the Flint pipes, why the fuck are there any hydrants there that haven’t been flushed recently?


A thread of interesting data:


Well yes. Likely neglect. Could be different standards for the water for fire suppression as well.

A converse situation may be found in the water used for road side landscaping in San Diego. By law, the pipes have to be colored differently, because it is reclaimed sewer water. Because no one wants to get sued for someone getting hepatitis from landscaping, the water is actually treated to quite a high standard.

I was just suggesting context matters if you don’t want it to look like agitprop.


If they flush the hydrants now in the standard way (ie - just let it dump onto the ground), they’ll be dumping lead into the nearest river and contaminating soil. While they shouldn’t stop flushing hydrants, they need to use fire hoses to flush it into the nearest sanitary sewer manhole. I’m guessing they haven’t been allotted the resources, nor budgeted to purchase a dozen new 4" fire hoses or for the increase in water going to the shit plant.


I don’t doubt that the local water authorities have their priorities, and that there are many people working as fast as they can.

But it’s been four years. They should have had whatever-it-takes resources in Flint from the day it occured. Get in the Army Corps of Engineers if you have to.

“Not allocated the resources” is part of the problem. This would have been fixed years ago if it was a white town.