Black Lives Matter. Still


Four years ago. Trump is the symptom, not the disease.


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The actual threat to American democracy:


Jay-Z has a executive produced a 6 part documentary on Trayvon Martin that looks pretty promising:

And apparently, some who were interviewed have fears that they are going to be harassed by George Zimmerman and that he may even commit an act of murder because of it:


And/or see this thread:



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There’s a surprising bit of overlap with white supporters of 45.

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Boots Riley on the Black Klansman movie:



White supremacy after death:






Kevin Kruse is kind of great… I heard him at a conference at Emory once… I think he got into it with one of the audience members as we was discussing his current work, which I believe was on the conservative movement…

I also often do just what he’s describing with the Emmett Till lynching. I’m not really doing the narrative this semester (history through biographies), but I can likely fit a discussion of lynchings into my lecture on Ella Baker and Cesar Chavez.



Ever wonder what you would’ve done in the Civil Rights era?

Look around; BLM is it.


:musical_note: You can say that they’re just black,
But I like to deal with facts
In the 1920s you would’ve found in America
Black towns,
Prospering centres of economics
and education to make you proud
But some people couldn’t bear
that the former slaves would not just lie down
So the KKK and other hate groups burnt
those towns to the ground
Killin hundreds,
If it ain’t understood,
You think you were always livin’ in the hood? :musical_note:


Add to the list of things that can get a black man killed by police: “living in an apartment that a cop might confuse with her own.”



One of these men walks free, the other is imprisoned and forced to labor for decades.

But supposedly prison slavery is justified by the wrongdoing of the enslaved?

That’s a weak argument even if the legal system were just. In the face of the obvious systemic injustice that exists, it becomes nothing more than an excuse for the indefensible.