Black Lives Matter. Still


Nah, that can’t POSSIBLY be evidence of white supremacy at work! No, we need solid proof. The only thing that will convince most Americans will be judges actually standing around in KKK robes, saying the N-word, while laughing at black face videos, and holding copies on Mein Kampf… even then, we need to hear their side. They are white men, after all, the highest evolution of civilization that god created… /s


These cases side by side leave much for us to unpack. There’s the white supremacy angle, the misogyny angle (can’t commit crimes against semi-humans, eh? /s), and the protection of property and profit over life.


Race, class and gender. The trinity are always at the core of things; they’re the primary colours of oppression.


Indeed. Of the rich white man, by the rich white man, for the rich white man.




Amazon employees snapped up NYC real estate before headquarters announcement


And again and again and again and again…


I keep hoping that we will just wall off cobb county… hell, we’ll let them keep the Atlanta Braves, too, since we now got ATL United. Just get rid of that whole part of the metro area… we don’t need those racist jack asses.


OMG, he’s just a kid.


Yeah, and a reasonably little kid at that. Probably no older than 10 or 11.

The US is completely broken. Nowhere in the world should this be acceptable treatment of a child.


Every damned day.


From the outside, yes, the US is broken. But I don’t think we’re much better here in Australia. The treatment of our Indigenous Australians is appalling, as were my own attitudes to them as a teen and young adult.

There are kids, asylum seekers, in camps on Islands where we have put them who are suicidal. People have died on Manus Island and Nauru. I am disgusted with my government and I don’t know what to do about it.





While there is no US charge for wasting police time (that I know of), there is “filing a false report”. I would love to see these lying racists get hit with that.

“You claimed that there was a riot, ma’am. There is zero indication of riotry.”

There’s got to be at least one cop whose as fed up with the bullshit as the rest of us. Just one.

My true, unicorn dream would be to see one of these callers charged with reckless endangerment, given the way that a lot of cops roll up to a scene like this. Only way that will happen is if first the cops kill someone and then run out of other excuses, I am afraid.


I just read about that one. A lot of the comments referenced Emmett Till. Being Australian I didn’t know much about him, so I looked it up. I have tears running down my face.


I get that few countries dominated by white people have clean hands when it comes to treatment of people of color, but it’s systemic in the US. Australia and Canada have populations that are self-aware enough to realize their countries have problems. The US can’t even get to that point. Far too many white people have absolutely no qualms about the way things are, and are actively working to keep our racist society the way it is.


Apparently his “crime” was that he was trying to sell his self-produced rap CDs.

Lemonade stand, basically.