Black Michigan teen detained for not doing homework to be released 'IMMEDIATELY'

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Another example of running kids through a system that only teaches them that they will be subject to the arbitrary judgment of people who don’t care about them and have no interest in their well-being. Regardless of what she did to get in trouble in the first place, this months long detainment for petty reasons only hurts her socialization and home life. It only degrades her respect for authority figures who should be looking out for her and acting in her interests. Pile on the racial bias she already has and is going to encounter in her life and this is just trauma-inducing punishment that violates the Eighth Amendment.


If it were a just world, the almost-comically villainous judge who did this to her would have to take her place in detention.


The original judge in this case should be kicked off the bench. Talk about a total lack of common sense, empathy, and legal judgement. This clown ticks all the boxes.


The most bullshit part of this family’s story is that school was effectively cancelled in March, and the state refused to endorse on-line continuation because the state couldn’t ensure all districts could provide devices and/or internet connections for all their students. In other words, there really wasn’t school or homework anymore. Some districts didn’t even try to keep school going, South Lyon (same county) comes to mind.

If anyone reading this blog lives in Oakland County, MI, I implore you to vote her out. Probably no surprise she’s a Republican.


great now let’s have that pos judge defrocked and disbarred. she shouldn’t be allowed to be so much as a paralegal anymore.


Just so we’re all clear on the matter, this would be Judge Mary Ellen Brennan as stated in the ProPublica article.. And yes, I agree. Judge Mary Ellen Brennan should be kicked off the bench, or at a minimum, voted out of office.


Ah, yes. That would be Judge Mary Ellen Brennan. According to ProPublica, she found Grace “guilty on failure to submit to any schoolwork and getting up for school” and called Grace a “threat to (the) community,”…

Yes, I agree. Having Judge Mary Ellen Brennan defrocked and disbarred does seem like a reasonable response to her callous and malicious behavior.


Good thing everyone’s happy and no one was traumatized for life by their run in with fascism, eh?

Refer the judge and everyone involved right down the to people who processed the paperwork to the international courts. Fuck this following orders bullshit.


Sadly this meets the minimum standard for good news. Something that should never have happened took way too long to sort out and seemingly no-one will suffer any consequences for their cruelty.


What a shithole of a country!


Not to mention putting her health, & possibly her life, at risk by incarcerating her during a national pandemic.


That’s not the language I would have used. How about “We are still pissed off that this jack-hole is not disbarred. Now that my kid is out of juvie we can properly pursue legal action against the court system without worrying about her still being in lock-up since she’s a F’ING teenager”.

My wife and I still both work full time through this mess, and both of our hours have been jacked up (mixed blessing I suppose). We tried our best to transition to on-line learning, but many of the interfaces were not easy for me to navigate (and I do SW dev; my 8 y/o does not).

I wonder how many snowflakes in the 'burbs missed their on-line classes, and how many of them ended up in lock-up.


Now get that judge who ordered this BS in the first place off the bench.


The judge shouldn’t be disbarred. She should be jailed for wrongful imprisonment and kidnapping. Honestly, she should have all her assets stripped and granted to her victim.


She’s up for re-election in November. It should be an easy matter to vote her out.

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What a complete disaster this is.

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Judge seems to be confused about whether “detention” means “jail” or “stay after school one hour writing ‘I will do my homework next time or I don’t get to be on the sportsball team’ 100 times on the blackboard.”

No, the judge understands the legal definition of detention. Berkley is majority white, the judge in question is a republican. What else do you need to know to complete this shitty equation?


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