Judge awards Michigan repeat rapist joint custody of child he fathered

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Patriarchists gonna patriarch.


In a case like this, in my mind, there is only one resolution. Cut off the offending member so it can’t be used again.


But this is so much more than “just” a repeat rapist.

This is the cops and the courts giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, against all reason or decency, because… reasons :interrobang:


Jezzie has some more details on this:

The joint custody was officially granted by Judge Gregory S. Ross only this year, based on DNA tests confirming Mirasolo as the child’s father. The child’s mother, who is unnamed, told the Detroit News that she receives $260 a month in food stamps and health insurance for her son, and believes Mirasolo was given custody as part of a routine act of bureaucracy associated with public assistance requests. She thinks the state was “trying to get some of the money back” when Ross assigned custody on her rapist’s behalf, as it will affect the amount of money she receives.

So the rapist is not initiating this action, and the motivation may be less about father’s rights and more about screwing people on public assistance. Not that that makes it less of a shitshow.


No, still a total shitshow, but sounds about exactly right for the shitstains occupying the statehouses in Lansing and Tallahassee.


What part of Judge Gregory S. Ross would you cut off?


“But think of the poor rapist!” is a consideration I still can’t believe ever happens. I’m completely nonplussed.


The headline here doesn’t do this story justice at all. The rapist doesn’t even appear to want joint custody of the child:

And the court ordered that she has to move from Florida to Michigan to live within 100 miles of the guy. So not only are they giving a rapist parental rights, they are saying that he doesn’t have to even go to his kid, his kid has to be delivered to him. Can a judge from Michigan even do that? Order that a person in Florida has to move to Michigan?

This judge needs to be removed from the bench.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I guess what I’m confused about is that the story seems to be able a Michigan judge who ordered her to move back to Michigan. If it was a Florida judge who ordered her out of Florida the motive would be clearer.


I guess the MRAs responding to this will have to switch the narrative to “the bad ol’ feminazi government is forcing this oppressed male to support the kid against his will” from their usual “the bad ol’ feminazi government is denying this oppressed male the access he wants to the kid.” Judging by their advocacy of similar slimy and abusive characters in other custody cases, the fact that he raped a tween will be low on their list of concerns.


Michigan Family Court judges think they can order parents to do damned near anything. This crosses state lines, though. She was already in Florida before Sanilac County decided to give partial custody to the rapist. Wouldn’t a Federal court have to be petitioned to grant partial custody to the rapist? What Jason posted indicates that a stay has been put on the order. Hopefully this idiot judge will renounce the whole thing at the hearing next week.

I’d like to see more Michigan family court cases make national headlines. The whole system is a shitshow, and needs to DIAF.


So additionally, the victim and her child are now judicially tethered to the rapist.


I don’t even understand the mechanism that any court can use to tell someone where they have to live if they haven’t been convicted of a crime. If that part of the story is true it can just go and FUCK OFF!


That’s what Betsy DeVos said!


I mean, this is so egregious, that per Hanlons razor you almost have to assume, lazy judge, cranking out orders on a Friday trying to knock off early to get to the lake house, and he saw “DNA test” so he hit the joint custody button without reading the file. That type of shit happens all the time. And yes, whether we’re dealing with incompetence or malice, this judge has got to go


Aaaah, Jesus Christ another story from Georgia. When will this…oh, wait. What?


It’s all very biblical.


I’m taking the rest of the day off.


How about his access to the bench?


You have to admire America’s persistence, they hit rock bottom and there is always some douche to dig a little further.