Blackbeard's pirates liked to read novels


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Or alternatively, Blackbeard’s pirates liked to wad their cannon with pages from whatever was available at the time, including books.


I can’t help but think of this…


Sounds like this book was less a “novel” than the closest thing available to an early 18th-Century Lonely Planet guidebook. Something to read not just for entertainment but to have an idea of what one might expect to encounter on a similar voyage.


However, more research will discover they only used these novels to conceal the book of lewd etchings they were actually looking at.


“Yarrr, look at the corsetry on that one! Them whalebone stays are givin’ me a whale of a bone m’self! Arf arf arf.”

-Some Pirate, Probably



Woodes Rogers was also famous as the Governor of the Bahamas, who hunted Blackbeard and his former captain Charles Vane. It’s likely that Teach did a lot of reading up on Rogers in order to learn as much as he could about his adversary.


Oh no, they had some pretty lewd and explicit stuff in the “olden” days out there. I’d go find some to post, but I am at work.

Hmm - I think the Braum Stoker’s Dracula (the movie) showed some of what was available.


Wait a minute… The US state of North Carolina has a Department of Natural and Cultural Resources?


Maybe It was a graphic novel


Yes, it sure does, and it is pretty badass. I Know A Guy. :wink:


Literally not a novel.


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