Blackberry prospects dim


Kind of a shame, but not surprising. BlackBerry pretty much owned the corporate text messaging/portable e-mail device market for quite some time (as I understand it, they got a big boost on 9/11 when their devices worked in DC while the cell phone networks were completely overwhelmed), but like Palm, they stagnated long enough to be overtaken by you-know-who.

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What everyone forgets is just how awful cell phones were before the iPhone. Blackberry was the best alternative then. Is it any wonder Apple saw an opening. Is it any wonder we are experiencing a golden age of design? It is only in comparison to an age of truly truly ugly design culture in usa.

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Blackberry (trading) is completely frozen…

Let’s not forget when Apple was dead and dying in the Gil Amelio age, of course they had huge cash reserves at the time to get through it.

And they had Steve Jobs in the wings. BlackBerry has Plastic Shell CEO. I suppose they could bring back just one of the two ex CEOs and that might work out better, but doom seems more likely.

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It’s amazing how fast they went downhill. Only five years ago they had the endorsement of the president of the United States. Remember how he used to talk about his Blackberry all the time?

Heck, I recall that the press was saying things were looking up for them not just six months ago. This article is a bit surprising, until you realize that there has been almost no major news from them in three months.

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