Blackberry's squarephone "sells out"


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Finally a reasonable design. Now the crucial question… can it run Android?


It runs Android apps, no? (Although no access to the Play Store)

And the space bar is in a weird place.

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Is BB still the only phone trusted by governments?

“Allegedly”? And “sells out” in scare quotes?
It’s listed on Amazon as being out of stock, so you assume Amazon is in on the scam, to pretend the phone might be popular after all???

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How are sales of 200,000 units any indicator of popularity? Isn’t that pretty weak?

A) Amazon isn’t the only retailer, at least not yet
B) Consumer electronics claims of “sold out” often refer to sold through to retailers.

Quotes attribute. It’s just a phone, man. They’re not there to scare you.


I like that there are no numerals on the keyboard. Lazy shortcuts for the weak-minded and poor spellers! I haven’t used them since one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven.


How do you actually use this thing? It’s a phone, right? You don’t actually hold it up to the side of your head, do you? Does it require a bluetooth headset, or something?

It requires for you to work in a place that still runs a BES and for you to have absolutely no sense of humour, patience or the capability of conducting yourself with any degree of politeness whilst on the phone to tech support for the 10th time this week.

Fuck you RIM BlackBerry Limited!!!

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It took me a while to picture large numbers of Blackberry units being sold, so my brain parsed the headline as “Blackberry’s squarephone ‘sells out, man’”.


Considering the number of people who are still staunchly refusing to let go of their old Blackberries, I can absolutely believe that it sold out 200k units in 2 days. That’s really not very many units, in the smartphone world, and considering just how many government and office setups are still working strictly with Blackberries, this doesn’t seem crazy at all. There aren’t exactly loads of phones out there with physical keyboards, so when you bring out one that is (arguably) not bad, people that hate soft keyboards are going to jump on it. I personally have no interest in it, but it doesn’t surprise me to find that out of the 72 million (ish, I could only find numbers from Jan 2014) subscribers that AT&T (the only one offering this phone) has, 200k of them might want a fancy new Blackberry. That’s a piddly 0.3% of their total subscriber base.

When are they going to realize that IT shops loved Blackberry for 2 reasons?

  1. A secure email transport network
  2. Connectors for popular mail servers.

This is why so many companies bought Blackberries. It had nothing to do with the device itself.

They need to re-think their future and market that service for Android and iOS.


And actually, I think I misread another article about it - it seems that AT&T is the only one that has confirmed will be selling the phone to customers directly. Not the only one supporting it. So yeah, that’s even MORE possible people to buy one.

All the managers here have Z10s, so I imagine I’ll start seeing these soon.

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My mother, (without consulting me!), bought a blackberry playbook, getting Android apps on there is a chore, and they don’t all work.
Nothing wrong with the tablet itself, it works, its just that the ability to run (some) Android apps is a bit overblown.

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That may have once been the case in some dim and distant past but my experience of supporting the tech and IT customers of ‘Big businesses’ that used these devices is that everyone hates them and the only reason they continued to be used was because they were already in use.

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I would have considered one of these, about two years ago when my blackberry torch gave up. Before that it was a blackberry pearl, which I thought was great (though it looks impossibly small in retrospect). It took quite a bit for me to feel OK about giving up a physical keyboard, but my samsung note 2 made it OK. I won’t go back to blackberry now, and I can’t be the only one. I think they missed their window of opportunity, at least for non-enterprise users.

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Err, no.

You can do IMAP, ActiveSync, whatever right from the device.

You only need BDS (no, not the old BES) to do Balance (work/personal separation) and advanced IT policies.


Yeah, the PB only runs a relatively ancient Android 2.3 runtime. Whereas the latest devices run Android 4.3 runtime and will go up to Android 4.4 in the next OS release.

I run tons of Android apps on my Z30 and everything works great except apps which rely on Google Play services.

Yeah, after my experience with the playbook I wont be getting anything BlackBerry in a hurry. I didn’t find sideloading apps too painful it’s just that so many of them don’t work. Even some of the android ports still sold through their app store stopped working when the os was updated to 2.1.
Going to miss the gestures and the way it handled multitasking when I get around to buying a new tablet.