Say Bye Bye to BlackBerry Smartphone

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“Bye Bye”? The phones aren’t actually going anywhere, it’s rather that production of them is to cease. The ones that exist are already here, and one cannot talk to the ones that won’t be.

Sure you can!

And I’d expect much the same answer as if I’d said “Bye Bye” to my own phone sitting on the table.


Just like 8-track cassette players.


So as a hipster I can finally use one ironically?


This is their big chance to enter into partnership with Vertu, amirite?

So, is anyone else still making Android phones with sweet physical keyboards? Or does Blackberry have all the patents there?

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Say Bye Bye to BlackBerry Smartphone

I did, like 10 years ago.



give it 10 years, they’ll be all the rage

of course a hipster would port android to a Z10


Did anyone actually read the statement?

BlackBerry is stopping sales of one BlackBerry 10 model.

The company will keep on making BlackBerry phones, albeit those running Android.

BlackBerry phones will live on.


Exactly; change the headline. They’re dropping 1 phone model, not all phone production.

To follow on to Stephen’s comment:
"BlackBerry said Tuesday that it will stop making its Classic smartphone, less than two years after launching it with much fanfare.

Ralph Pini…said the Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today’s market.

“We are ready for change so we can give our customers something better,” said Pini in a company blog post.

Pini says that the Waterloo, Ontario-based firm will now focus on updating its smartphone lineup."

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Headline? The entire BB article is wrong. The first sentence states: “…BlackBerry announced today that are no longer in the business of making cellphones.”


It isn’t getting out of the phone market. Just discontinuing the last model with a physical keyboard.

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The world of electronics turns quickly.

I remember late 2006 — the height of the “Crack-berry” mania. Times Square was full of electronic billboards promoting the Blackberry Pearl. It was the greatest communication tool! Then, a couple of months later, Steve Jobs was smiling, holding the iPhone up…

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