Execspeak singularity: the spectacular bullshit of Blackberry's CEO

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Would have been better if he had said something to the effect of, “and while this isn’t about nuance, we have every intention to lean in to the mobile ecosystem and carve out a solid pillar for our brand.”

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I call much of what C level spouts as “jazz hands jibber jabber”.


They probably need to learn their new products better, though.

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They need to prepare for their demos better. It looks like someone handed him a phone right out of the box, and it was asking for the initial setup steps. It wasn’t ready for a demonstration.

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Yikes. It’s almost as if an indigenous tribesman learned to be a CEO by watching sound bites of “tech visionaries” on CNN Money and reading press releases on TechCrunch.

RIM is an island long since abandoned by the cargo ships- at this point, a cult is all that remains of their glorious apogee.


If they were paid purely for being able to say less than nothing at considerable length, though, wouldn’t they have been undercut by all the un and under-employed humanities majors who have enough practice with postmodern jargon, deconstruction, and writing papers at the last minute that they could not only say less than nothing; but actively problematize the possibility of anyone saying anything, within the course of a product launch?

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Possibly worth noting this article is from 2010.


That’s probably part of the explanation. Doesn’t cover the CEO thinking his latest phone runs an OS called Google.

I think we all just won Buzzword Bingo. Good grief.

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I dislike this sort of corporate speak, but it’s culturetalk plain and simple. He’s speaking to his peers in a language they understand.

Not much different if I say “I piped /dev/urandom to LPD output, but the speed of such a simple CLI command overloaded the buffer.”

he forgot paradigm shift and low hanging fruit.

There was an economist who argued that nurses and teachers etc… should be paid less because then only those who are truly altruistic and love the work will do it. It’s funny that the argument never includes CEOs.


Yeah. I saw the headline said “Blackberry’s CEO” and I thought it was going to be related to the new CEO’s blunder with the new phone. But nope, good ol Balls-silly. Frankly, I don’t care what he says if he manages to succeed in bringing a new NHL team to the Toronto area that isn’t the Maple Leafs.

why are we talking about a 5 year old article? is cory just looking for windmills to tilt at?

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