Blackpool tourist office begs tourists not to visit Blackpool

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It’s very Scarfolkian, isn’t it?

Well, given that Scarfolk is now known to be an inspiration for UK government policy…


By contrast:

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Fuck Right Off sounds like a nice place.

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I always recommended avoiding Blackpool before the coronavirus!

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Lancashire is one of the hotspots of virus cases. The ones that stick out on the maps of the demography are Lancashire, Birmingham, Kent and, for some reason, Cumbria.
For Birmingham, the theory is that there are a large number of Asian families, for whom English is not their first language. The virus seems to hit BAME populations particularly hard. Kent is a through road to and from the continent - it’s not hard to see why there would be a high number of cases there. Lancashire is full of poor and disaffected people, if you’re a family of five living in two rooms, social distancing is impossible. Cumbria is the mystery. Cumbria has wide open spaces. But, yes. Don’t go to Blackpool.

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How about Grimbsby, then?

But it’s famous for fresh air and fun!

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