Blandly is a full-service blanding agency


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pure gold


Are these the folks behind the folks behind Helena?


" We are an eclectic team of avid outdoorswomen, comic book collectors, whiskey nerds, fixed-gear bicycle aficionados, Rosicrucianists, and bacon lovers.

We are best friends. We play table tennis together every day after work. We borrow each other’s clothes. No one is ever sad. "



I’m sold.


Sooo why not just go with Microsoft then?


I feel ok about this.


Meh. Let’s say lukewarm.




There’s nothing quite like a Bland enchilada.



…Because unpainted Hejne from IKEA is not bland enough, painting it white is part of our process…


So genius.
Right down to the gibberish on the whiteboards and the embedded TED talk…


I’ll wait for the 93% off coupon.


Sooo… is it real? I recognize that it’s a (deliberate) parody, but they could still be offering bland services, just like so many other sites, but with the added appeal of being incredibly self-aware…


I am shocked to find the Japanese are again years ahead of us.


The TED talk is astounding.


As a graphic designer, I can attest that some clients are looking for bland, and will not be satisfied with anything insufficiently bland. They have standards, and they know their customers. Maybe it’s different on the coasts and in fancy cities, but here in jesusland, small businesses love the bland. And, I’m here to deliver. What do I care, if the checks clear, right?


I called them up and told them to give me the blandest thing they got, and they sent me back my own website. Well served.


so, wait, is their icon for “Collaboration” the emoji for pooping back and forth? ))<>((