Blocked Italian toilet leads to thousands of years of buried history


Wasn’t this a Roald Dahl story?

Love this kind of stuff. Reminds me of this story:

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“Blocked Italian Toilet” sounds like a setup for a joke that would get me flamed up one side and down the other.


It kinda reminds me of this:

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The front-page thumbnail for this story is an image of FBI and Apple logos coming together. Was that intentional?

Are you thinking of that civilization that lives under lane 5 at the bowling alley?

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I used to like visiting Lecce, but anybody could have guessed that the local plumbing dated back to the Romans. republican Rome, not the Empire.

Darned if I can remember, but it sure is bugging the heck out of me. It was one of his stories written for adults, rather than the children’s ones I think.

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