Bloodsucking mice are attacking the albatrosses of Midway Atoll

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The obvious solution here is to introduce mice-eating sneks to the island.


That’s an optional step before introducing mongoose, and of course big cats of your choice to control the mongoose.

Alternate plan: tiny little water fountains for the thirsty mice.


My money is on the albatross’s. 10-1 odds, dollars to donuts. Again, the folly of man. We sure know how to fuck things up!

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also: I for one welcome our new vampire mice overlords.


“Albatross-Eating Mice” would be a great name for a rock band.


desperately thirsty.

That’s me, round 5ish.


If they killed Wisdom, that would definitely suck:

Cornell runs an albatross nest cam on Kauai, and as can be seen in the current view, when the chicks get big enough, both parents then leave to find food for them, leaving the chicks vulnerable to any introduced predator species that comes along:


Uh huh. Sure. The Japanese fell for that one, but you’re not fooling me.

Meanwhile; here’s some good mouse related news


Yeah supplementary water for the mice seems like an obvious stop-gap, and just for good measure, add something that’s lethal to house mice specifically, harmless to other things likely to try to drink.


Sounds like nature is about to accelerate the evolution of the albatross. Adapt or die suckers!

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So I should be able to ward off Dracula with a bottle of Evian?

Albatrosses being very large birds, any evasive action is a serious energy cost for them.

Can the mice be lured onto a waterslide that’s actually a deadly trap? What a way to go.

The only thing more heartless and rapacious than these bloodsucking mice is The Washington Post’s paywall.

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I see this as an allegory of humanity, where Mother Earth is the albatross and we are the thirsty mice. In the words of @anotherone, “adapt or die”.

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