Bloomberg officially announced entry to presidential race over the weekend and no-one noticed

I think the head line would be better as nobody cared… or maybe that is just me.


I actually did a news search for “Bloomberg” shortly after the announcement and most of the results that came back were unrelated stories from Bloomberg media rather than stories about Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy. Ouch.


I think the head line would be better as nobody cared…

Agree. My reaction was, “mmm, no, I noticed.”


Watch $1bn or so go up in smoke on his way to 3-5%

I don’t even see how he gets to 3%. Who votes for him? Dems that can’t decide between Biden and Steyer? Republican Never-Trumpers? Who?


Announcing on a weekend when most people are taking a small opportunity to forget about politics and enjoy life. Clearly Mike has his finger on the pulse of the nation.


Suggested in the other thread:

Saw one speculation that Bloomberg is running so that the $1 billion he is supposedly planning to spend on anti-Trmp ads will be cheaper and can’t be edited by the channels that deliver them because he is now an official candidate.


Yep, I noticed, but didn’t give a rat’s ass.

That being said, I heard way more about Deval Patrick’s campaign, including that bit about his rally that only two people showed up for. I don’t give a rat’s ass about that either.


Bloomberg could do more for this election by giving half the money he’s going to waste to www.fairfight2020.

But his name wouldn’t be on that.

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We could even do contextual aptness tuning, so he only appears on stories that are about him.


To be fair, some people noticed, but probably not enough to make a difference for his candidacy. Same with Deval Patrick.

I think you mean watch $1bn be more productive than it was being when Michael Bloomberg was sitting on it.

Not that money spent on advertising is the greatest allocation of resources, but I think basically there is nothing more wasteful that can possibly be done with money than have it be owned by a billionaire.


<---- Still voting for him if it’s him or 45. I live in MA, so it doesn’t matter but I’m voting down-ticket, too.


Hell I have said here before. If the Dems run a rabid weasel I will still vote for that over any of the loons from the other party.


I’ve known a few rabid weasels in my time. Don’t insult them until you’ve met one. They can be surprisingly intelligent compared to ~%30 of our current population.


Not sure where you’re from, but in my parts we go with a yellow dog instead of a rabid weasel. Although honestly, I’d raher the White House was left empty for 4 years rather than Trump


Consider his model. Of the money he plans to spend, how much will be used to get the KGB to help him hack the voting machines and coerce some other country into doing his dirty work digging up extortion material on his opponents?
When the Republinazis stop publicly condoning what should be legally defined as treason, I’ll stop considering them the party of saboteurs and traitors.

It’s not any less ignorant a response this time around because it completely ignores the fact that he’s dedicating his billion towards hurting much better candidates than himself who can beat Trump. We need better policies. There at least two candidates who have much better policies, and at least one of them has been shown to spank Trump in the key electoral regions and demographics necessary. These are the candidates Bloomburg entered the race to specifically target. He hasn’t a shot in hell, and the only thing he can do is hurt the chances of candidates who can actually win the primary and help America’s and the world’s chances to improve rather than collapse.

Much like Britain’s elections being about much more than just Brexit regardless of what the Lib Dems would like everyone to believe, this US election is about far more than just removing Trump (though yes, it is also absolutely about removing Trump). We’re plummeting off an economic, environmental, educational, racial, medical, immigration policy, housing, carceral cliff. Bloomburg will not help that. His candidacy is worse than a waste, it’s a crime. “Anyone but Trump” is not remotely enough. We need you to wake up.


“Watch $1bn or so go up in smoke”

He’s what 78 years old? He couln’t spend all his money before he died if he tried. He’ll make up that billion in 2 months interest and dividends.


I think you need to run that ad for free, you know, public service.