Bloomberg officially announced entry to presidential race over the weekend and no-one noticed


“Watch $1bn or so go up in smoke”

He’s what 78 years old? He couln’t spend all his money before he died if he tried. He’ll make up that billion in 2 months interest and dividends.


I think you need to run that ad for free, you know, public service.

I am convinced Bloomberg decided to enter because Elizabeth Warren scares him. He thinks if she’s elected she’ll push for laws to confiscate his money. He decided to run because he thinks his ilk is an endangered species. And it @%@#!!! well ought to be.


Hopefully it means he gets 3%-5% of the Democratic primary support before he drops out of the race and supports whoever wins.

I wish that instead of shaming people (“hoarders”) with overstuffed houses, we started calling wealthy people hoarders for having overstuffed bank accounts and financial portfolios. And shaming them in ways that actually work.

A dreamer I be, I know, I know


He’s not scared of the candidate who is in her own words “a Capitalist to my bones,” and who has virtually no support from people of color, whose support is largely well-off older white men. He’s scared of the candidate who actually wants to change the system and who has by far the largest (only) national movement and who has by far the greatest cross-generational, cross-racial and in general cross-demographic support.


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