Bloomingdale's endorses rape this holiday season


How can people be so clueless as to sign off on things like this?


Does anything else really need to be said?




I’m not sure that they can. Unfortunately, they have plenty of less honorable reasons available, like knowing exactly what it is and thinking that everyone will find it as hilarious as they do.

(And, unfortunately, such a belief is only implausible because it relies on everyone: given the rather chilling percentage of ‘romantic comedy’ that is basically founded on the premise that stalking is adorable if it is plucky enough and the protagonist is doing it, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t get “a heartwarming story of how The Holidays, Mistletoe, and an extra dose of cheer in the eggnog helped two friends drawn from Bloomingdale’s target demographic stop denying the chemistry between them and discover each other this holiday season” green-lighted as a surprisingly uncontroversial shlock romantic comedy. Even among people who have finally agree that it can be ‘rape-rape’ even without a scary stranger and a knife; it’s not hard to find the notion that real date rape is something that requires blacking out and a frat or football team; not a more general matter of covert chemical dis-inhibition. ‘Stranger danger’ dies hard, as does willingness to tolerate all but the most overt uses of force. Respectable consensus has been nudged closer to including ‘animalistic frat bros’ as potential ‘strangers’ and ‘drunk to unconsciousness’ as ‘restrained or coerced’; but this seems to have been accomplished mostly by modification of the boundaries of existing categories, not by reevaluation of how we handle the concept of ‘autonomy’ in the context of humans whose bounded rationality can be further compromised by a wide variety of means.)


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