Blue Thunder: Days of Future Past. Are we there yet?

There are lots of applications where, damned right, I’d want them to have that equipment. For example, a kid or a senior with dementia lost in weather where dying of exposure is only a matter of time.

The problem is when the all-seeing-eye becomes the new normal, and no one stops to think “This pretty invasive, and we don’t have probable cause. Maybe we should get a warrant?”


It was a major feature of the helicopters used on the Bin Laden raid.

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As far as I know from my own experiments with cheapo thermal imaging (I had a Seek Thermal camera for my smartphone for a while. It was pretty neat, and worked well enough for short distances), the only decent way to evade thermal imaging is to either have a lot of insulation between you and the camera, or a pane of glass.

Glass reflects thermal IR pretty well, although I’m sure with sensitive enough cameras, they’d be able to see through it. Plus, a big shiny mirror is kind of conspicuous when it’s not sitting mounted in a wall, but instead is a moving patch of bright reflectivity.


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