Blueprint-style map of alternative music

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As someone who can read electronic schematics, this really annoys me!

If the Sex Pistols are the foundation, they should be at ground potential.

Instead, Blondie, Public Image LTD, Arcade Fire, Sleater-Kinney and others are all at ground.

Mapping something like that onto a schematic diagram makes no sense to me. A tree structure I could believe.



but it looks pretty and pseudo industrial, you have to like it.


Some bands are at least resistors. Patti Smith is just a dot in the middle of a wire. What do the transistor bands do? Turn other bands on and off? Why are there components without associated bands in some cases?

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I agree. There’s also one for electronic music, which I think works better as a piece of art. But as a source of information, there are much better maps out there. Just google “map of music.”

That is just great, but am I wrong, or were The Dictators left out?

Don’t ya just wanna kick an ignoramus like this in the teeth?

I agree. The BEC arrangement on the transistors feels completely arbitrary to me. Why is there a Sonic Youth resistor placed between Dinosaur Jr and Fugazi?

It’s pretty, but as a schematic, it’s really bothersome.

At least John Peel is top centre.

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