Diesel Sweeties music humor book: I'm a Rocker, I Rock Out


That’s not a correct use of a Venn. It would be two physically separate areas ‘Music I like’ and ‘Music you like’ with a sub area within the ‘Music you like’ defined as ‘Music I used to like’. The current layout implies continuity of the ‘Music I like’ area, so it shouldn’t change meaning.

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I don’t care if the Venn diagram obeys convention or not; it works, particularly given the temporal basis of the negation.

Also, this does indeed appear to rock.

I agree. It would be more effective if the “Music I like” circle was displaced to the left slightly, with a suitable chunk missing.

May work for you, but I was puzzling over it like, “WTF? I guess I don’t understand these things very well.”

100% agree. snark that isn’t correct is just being a jerk.

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