Famous album covers, reimagined from the other side



It’s funny how ingrained the left-to-right of a time sequence is for electrical engineers. Someone decided to make the oscilloscope display in that direction 80 years ago, and it’s unthinkable to reverse it.

HP used to make digital oscilloscopes that defaulted to sinx/x smoothing of the waveforms when displayed. The result was that there would be what looked like overshoot before the transitional edge of a square wave, which is mathematically sensible but electrically ridiculous.

The Kraftwerk “Computer World” one makes it all worthwhile.

Sweet - he did a KMFDM cover!

No “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” yet.

I used to work on those terminals. He got it just right.

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I could have sworn this was a b3ta image challenge but apparently not. Should be.

Knowing you, I’m guessing you still have a few lying around.

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