Bluetooth 4.1 wireless headphones with crisp, clear sound

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I wonder why they didn’t go with the more secure 4.2

I’ll wait for some award winning ones to go on sale.

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Between the shooped stock photo and the catch copy, this is one of the most hilariously bad BB Store posts in a while.

I’ll rant and say those are not headphones. Headphones go OVER the ear and are held in place by a connecting arch, those are earbuds. I hate earbuds. Confessing I listen mostly to talk of some kind, I LOVE my $13 lightweight bluetooth over the ear headphones. It’s awful that Beats has made everyone think over the ear phones need to be obnoxiously big and clunky.

Link, please?

Turns out, naturally, that they’re discontinued. Https://

These are the closest thing I’ve found in bluetooth to classic early “walkman” headphones. There’s other Soundbot products, but they seem to copy the big, heavy Beats style, rather than this lighweight & small one. I also hate the “behind the head” ones, they never fit me.

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My music is all FLAC at native Red Book sample rate. I am skeptical of the ability of bluetooth - even 4.1 with aptX brilliantly implemented - to carry that. The bandwidth isn’t there, and my recordings are not even mostly commercial massmarket offerings, so I don’t see the aptX predictive algorithm being optimized for what I mostly listen to. Presumably it was trained and tested on Metallica and Katy Perry, if you know what I mean.

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