Bluetooth sports headphones for $16

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I have a very similar pair - probably an OEM or knockoff. But, for the life of me, i can’t figure out that that little rubber loop is for. It doesn’t help fit in your ear. For hanging them on a hook?

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Is there a recommended Bluetooth audio adapter, such that things like these can be used with devices that don’t already have Bluetooth?

There are tons of them available from Amazon. I got a Miccus BT specifically made for cars, and it works great. Runs on internal battery, or external power (from the car). I wired it into the fuse-box, so that it’s only hot when the car is running. When it gets external power, it automatically pairs to the last device it was paired to (my phone). On my phone, Tasker detects the BT connection, and automatically starts the podcast app playing.

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They don’t get much cheaper than $25 or so, do they?

This appears to use a flat cable to connect the ear buds, which is a plus. That’s my only complaint about my Klipsch in-ear headphones. Right after they closed out the model I have, they came out with one with a flat cable. But can’t complain too much about getting $140 headphones for $50…

I also have wondered that. They even offer a few spares in the package.

I bought a very similar pair from Amazon several months ago, and have been pretty happy with them. These and the ones I bought seem to be a generic style, sold under many different name brands. Search for Qy8 headphones, and you’ll find a ton of them all pretty much the same. Like Mark said, they’re good enough for podcasts and audiobooks, just OK for music.
And that little rubber loop thingy does help hold it in your ear. You need to spin it around so that it points toward the back of your head, then tuck it into the outer part of your ear.Hard to explain, but once you get it right it works well.

They push on the inside of your ear to keep them in place

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Interesting - thanks! It’s hard to believe that a flexible piece of rubber works for that. But, I feel like they would remove it to save money manufacturing it if it didn’t work.

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