BMG and Rightscorp sue ISP for right to decide who may use the Internet




And this right on the heels of the class actions lawsuit for them violating all sorts of laws using their robodialers to harass people into paying them on mere accusation alone.

It would be nice if the court demanded their magic potato, that thing that allegedly identifies inringers, be put to the test.

This might just be the death throws of the company, because the stock price has been crashing and some of the wording in their latest investor drivel could be considered very misleading.


Christ, what assholes. It’d be nice if we could inflict on these entities what they’d like to inflict on everyone else. I’m not saying that BMG and Rightscorp’s offices need to be hit with a constant DDoS attack… but actually I am saying that.


Whose stock price? Cox? Or is BMG publicly held?

(Also, death throes.)


RIghtscorp(se). Their stock price is currently at 12 cents.


Here’s hoping the judiciary isn’t too corrupt to hand these fucking scumbags their arses.


Interesting use of a image, given that the French revolutionaries were on the far Left of their era, and BMG and Rightscorp would generally be put on the other end of the spectrum…


Is it a line, or a circle? Aren’t the most extreme ends of the spectrum quite similar? -inf=+inf?


It’s well documented that all these media companies have repeatedly infringed others rights way more than six times.



Not if you define right and left around meaningfully distinct values, anyway. Otherwise you end up with nonsense like when people that anti-Nazis are just as violent as neo-Nazis, or that anti-racists are just as bad as racists because it’s really a cover for anti-white racism. I have mentioned several times here that I was beaten unconscious by rumored neo-Nazis. I am against Naziism. I am not just as violent as neo-Nazis.

Now if you define right and left around some less distinct values, with suitable nasties on each side, then it gives centrists the chance to pat themselves on the back.

Now what was it that King said about the white moderate again…?


The only reliable psychological predictors science has yet found for whether someone is conservative or liberal is that conservatives tend to have a focused sensitivity to disgust and appeal authoritarianism, whereas liberals tend to have their focused sensitivity on fairness and appeal to personal choice. But mostly the axis as I see it is on the disgust/non-disgust dichotomy.


That’s it. The moderates, including their extreme ends, maintain these distinctions. They choose the means they use to support their ideologies.

The really extreme ends attract people who instead use the ideologies to rationalize the means, and the means are typically the same. That’s where the ends of the curves meet. Let’s crack some skulls in the name of $whatever!


“At stake is your right to connect your family to the single wire that delivers free speech…”

Ironically, one of the major goals in developing the ARPAnet was to create a network which didn’t depend on any single physical connection between nodes.


and @shaddack

It is worth noting that the governments who have flipped between the left and right wings have all been authoritarian. I suspect that it points towards people in power doing whatever needs doing to stay in power rather than the far left and far right actually being close to each other. Most of the power has been on the right wing for the last 40 years so thats where most of the authoritarians are, no matter where they originally started.

Having said that, Libertarian-communism and libertarian-capitalism may not immune to this flip. I do not believe that capitalism is intrinsically individualist and there is a history of individualist socialism. There are groups of ‘Trotskyists’ who may be libertarian-capitalists (off the top of my head, Spiked, formerly Living Marxism), though trotskyism isn’t libertarian and it might be a form of entryism.

I have read about former libertarian-capitalists who have moved more towards the libertarian left after recognising that there are severe flaws inherent in libertarian-capitalism. However, that involves moving thought the political centre rather than flipping.


This lawsuit will move forward the idea that using the Internet is a right in the US, and that we have a presumption of innocence and get a hearing before a judge before being forcibly disconnected.

The ISP’s are correctly treating notices from Rightscorp and BMG as spam because they are inaccurate, vague, and the senders have no desire to improve their quality or assist the ISP’s with the takedowns.

Comcast at least forwards the notices as reports to their customers allowing them to handle it appropriately themselves. If these were to stack up, the customer can make the decision to change their behavior with the understanding that it might enter the courts.

Once Rightscorp had to submit their notices to the court, the judge would decide whether the customer or Rightscorp was the repeat offender, which is increasingly going against the trolls in favor of the citizens.


Just remember that the rights of the media companies are more important than any rights you may seem to believe you may have.


But controversy arose when, in 1999, Sony-BMG attempted to pass off an unauthorized, tone-by-tone copy of “Jaguar” onto the mainstream music market. While the majors’ effort failed, due to what Rocha recalls as “an outpouring of support from people who were ready to give the middle finger to the man,” it is still talked about as one of the more egregious contemporary examples of corporations trying to unfairly capitalize on a subculture which often consists of marginalized peoples.


I know of some who went through the libertarian center. I think authoritarian and libertarian tendencies involve very distinct values.


Politics as Pathology. Haidt has made some impolitic comments about the liberals crippling inability to understand the viewpoints of conservatives in a useful manner.


Hating people for no reason [disgust is not a reason, and because the leader said so is not a reason] isn’t a viewpoint [as a personal bias, it is a vice, and as a policy, it is a crime].