Bob Dylan Accused of Sexual Abuse of 12 Year Old in 1965

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I’m around this woman’s age. For those who are younger, before speculating on the norms of the period: (a) an adult sleeping with a 12-year-old was not considered normal in 1965. (b) a parent letting their 12-year-old daughter hang out with rock stars in their hotel room was not considered responsible parenting in 1965.

I don’t know the facts of this case, and hope the courts work it out, but don’t think notions of values of the time should be used to make the offense seem either more or less likely, or more or less despicable.


When there isn’t any actual evidence, believe women. I’m not saying that we should throw Dylan in jail based on what we know so far but by default believe women. Believe women.


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  1. We don’t victim blame here.
  2. Whether or not something can be proven “in a court of law” is not what decides if an act is “evil” or not. It just decides what can be prosecuted.

Puts new spin on

“she makes love just like a woman but she breaks just like a little girl” right?

This shit ain’t deep or hidden.


People tell me I’m hateful and have no soul when I point out all of Dylan’s songs are just rehashed folk songs he found at the library.

They also don’t like when I point out he’s perhaps the worst fucking singer I’ve ever heard on a published recording (maybe bizmarkee is worse, but not by much)

I wonder what they’ll say when they’re informed he’s also a child rapist.


Worse than Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Ringo and Loren Green?


Annnd that’s where’d they be today if he hadn’t come along.

Who the hell goes to libraries anymore?

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woman pointing at self both hands me

Not as often as I should, especially with Covid, but I’d be sunk without access to their tech resources, like being able to scan and fax documents several times a year. (I don’t do it often enough to be worth buying my own machine, and the library is so much more convenient, and cheaper, than driving out to a Fed Ex/Kinko’s.) Plus I can check out ebooks from home… libraries are fantastic.


If you’re in Ireland anytime, you’re welcome in ours, for whatever it is that is the thing you can’t work out how to access.



I wouldn’t read half the amount i do without my regional libraries which my card gives me access to.


I’ll take both Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen over Dylan any day… I think they’re both better songwriters, too.


What do the first two things have to do with the third?

Whether or not you personally like an artist’s work isn’t really relevant to whether they’re a child abuser.


I don’t think I claimed they were related directly?

I’m just saying, it’ll be fun to see my detractors change their tune, and I will enjoy being unbearably smug.

But Ringo is still somehow more lovable than all of them.


Still- aren’t all folk songs are rehashed folk songs?


There is a line in a Gogol Bordello song that goes “let rest originality / for sake of passing it around” which is basically the whole point of folk music, I’d argue. Folk music was always meant to be shared widely, so the same tunes are used over and over, with the occasional lyrical change… John Brown’s Body comes to mind…

Reminds me also of this documentary about one popular folk song that was popular all over the Balkans that every ethnic group in the region claims as “their” song…


Just in general, I’d argue that the music industry has warped how we think about our relationship to music…