Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers

This is some frightening shit: the far-right are forming death squads right in the open, and nobody is doing a damn thing to stop them.


A copy of Compact, a prominent far-right magazine, with President Trump’s face on the cover, lay on a shelf. A selection of the president’s speeches had been translated into German in the issue. “I like Trump,” Mr. Gross said.

Will the circle be unbroken

By and by, by and by?


[H]e has a YouTube subscription to RT, the Russian state-controlled channel and other alternative media.

In that parallel universe of disinformation, he learns that the government is secretly flying in refugees after midnight. That coronavirus is a ploy to deprive citizens of their rights. That Ms. Merkel works for what he calls the “deep state.”

“The deep state is global,” Mr. Gross said. “It’s big capital, the big banks, Bill Gates.”

it’s too bad our government here isn’t flying refugees in at night secretly. at least germany’s got something going for it. :confused:

it is interesting all the connections their far right makes to their experiences in east germany before the wall fell. there’s serious generational trauma there, and a steady diet of past misinformation for their parents and themselves.

it’s like theyve gone right back to their abusers: rt and putin’s russia ( him being a kgb officer ) - because that’s what feels normal, real, to them.

i wonder how that applies here, if at all, to boomers coming out of war, and the cold war. maybe propaganda feels more real to them than fact.

not that any of that helps to explain the racialized terrorism of white 20 and 30 somethings.


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