Body found on mountain where actor Julian Sands went missing

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Wow, that’s sad.

I had no idea he was even missing; I guess with so much ceaseless fuckery going on since since at least 2020, it’s easy to for less publicized news to go unnoticed…


I’ve absoutely adored him since seeing Gothic in a theatre when it came out. Pure class, that man.

All needed healing for all who truly love him.


I remember him most for his powerful performance in “Il Sole Anche di Notte” (“The Sun Also Shines At Night”), which is one of those obscure but beautifully-made films that about three people in the world seem to have seen. I was sad to learn that he had gone missing.


I think A Room With a View was when I first started paying attention.

Also, it must have been something to star in a movie that inspired a Misfits song.


I am trying to remember what he was in from my child hood on British TV imdb list a lot but does not seem to have a lot of British TV in it.

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I grew up a few miles below the juncture of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. Locals called the peak Mount Baldy but maps showed it as Mt San Antonio or Old Baldy. The snowy peak appeared on many old postcards showing southland citrus orchards, often with Santa Fe trains rolling in the foreground. That was before the era of pervasive smog.

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