Bodycam footage from cop who stopped mass shooter at Allen, Texas mall

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That was surprisingly difficult for me to watch, even without really any details shown at all.

I find it strange that the DPS has essentially said nothing about the incident other than a brief press conference 3 days after it occurred, and continues to remain silent to all questions and requests for information from news outlets.

No criticism from me to the officer though. That’s about as heroic as you can get.


same. omg.


All I could think about each time I heard a shot fired was that it was another potential injury or death. I just wanted that cop to get there quicker.


It’s also surprising how loud and echoing real gunfire is, esp. an assault rifle. I don’t own or shoot guns at all, so I’ve hear gunfire on TV and movies about 1000 times more often than I have in real life. Of course in the vast majority of TV and film, those sounds are just added by a foley artist in post, so they don’t really represent the sound of gunfire accurately. Maybe the film Heat is the big exception? I’ve heard multiple people say that it has by far the most realistic gunfire action of any film.

In the video the sound of gunfire is echoing all over the place, even in the first few shots when the shooter is actually quite far away. I assumed that’s why the office ran over on foot instead of going by car: I thought the gunfire was just around the corner based on the sound, so I could see why the officer would come to the same conclusion. I was genuinely surprised how far he had to travel by foot before he reached line of sight and was able to take down the shooter.


Generally you can hear rifle fire a few miles or more away. The big thing in this case is the amount of concrete and brick for the sound to bounce off of. It’s different when there’s a lot of trees or other ‘soft’ stuff around to absorb the sound.


Finally, a good guy with a gun.

I watched the full video. Excellent response. Good job on getting the AR15 for that situation, and taking the shots from a good distance. This cop has exactly the right spirit, that’s certain!

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