Boebert tosses Uvalde memorial pin in the garbage

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Just when you think Beobert can’t get any lower. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Words fail here.


It’s such an embarrassment that my home state sent this piece of trash to Congress twice.

There are very encouraging signs that this will be her (hopefully) last gasps of power before she’s swept back into the sludge from whence she came. Frisch is out-fundraising her 2:1, her district is not quite as gerrymandered as before, and she won last time by the closest of margins - just 546 votes. I can only hope to someday soon never have to see another headline about her again.


I wish there was a sign that MTG could as likely be electorally routed. Though, finding out that Boebert’s district has been redrawn again kind of answers the question I had about why she seemed to become more incendiary in her rhetoric after such a narrow victory. Clearly, she’s not angling for re-election. She sees the writing on the wall and is trying to gin up as much press and TV coverage as possible to make herself viable as a pundit and speaker after she leaves office.


Boebert clearly doesn’t care about protecting children from what truly endangers them in the United States.

Boebert herself endangers US children.


There’s your mistake - like with Trump, there is no bottom, no basic decency that’s going to ever make her do the right thing. It’s a selling point for these people.


Yep, polls show that one of the qualities Republicans want most in their candidates is the ability to OWN THE LIBS. They want shameless assholes – it’s the only thing they really care about anymore.


bobo the clown is cheap and nasty.


We all understand not wanting to keep her in Colorado with the rest of you and sending her away, but there’s no such thing as “no backsies” when it comes to sending politicians to Washington. You gotta take 'em back sometime, and that time cannot come fast enough for the rest of us.


She probably didn’t have any space left on her lapel.


What a fucking ghoul


Good lord, she’s scum.


You can hope, but i am sure she thinks Senator Boebert sounds pretty good. If “Coach” can get elected, why not bobo?


Looks like MTG is angling to be Tr*mp’s VP pick. Assuming he wins the GOP nomination but is soundly defeated in the general election, my guess is MTG’s ambitions will go down the drain with him. *fingers crossed

That’s where Colorado’s demographics works against her. We’ve got two very popular Democratic Senators at the moment - Michael Bennet and ex-Governor and ex-Denver mayor and noted beer pub owner John Hickenlooper…neither of which are up for reelection in 2024…and traditionally, western slope politicians don’t draw enough water (metaphorically speaking) outside of their districts to get the kind of statewide support needed for a successful Senate run. Bobo is roundly mocked and ridiculed around Denver Republican circles which would need to break for her heavily in order for her to win.


It’s what makes me despair for the future of the country - you can’t have a functional democracy (or government) when one party wants to govern, and the second has no interest beyond destroying the first party and its voters.

She wouldn’t dare add an Uvalde memorial pin - there’s at least an implicit anti-murder message in wearing it, that conflicts with her usual pro-gun position. She can’t wear both because the pro-gun position is more pro-murder than pro-children’s lives.


I still suspect Mike Flynn has the inside track for the veep slot, but I also think the GOP would love to have a woman as the veep nominee – but I don’t think it’ll be MTG. Trump likes his blondes willowy, fuckable, and quiet – and certainly not too ambitious.


I’m sure that reporting is sound, and I have none doubt that MTG would love to be Drumpf’s VP pick, attention groupie that she is. I find it hard to believe that the Republicans would be dumb enough to pick her for such a position though. She is a drain on any national ticket. She’ll turn off undecided independent voters. Plus, while it’s entirely likely that is she did run for VP in 2024, that her seat in the House would almost certainly be won by another Republican (one hopefully who hasn’t pissed off her own colleagues in her own caucus and her state party) it puts a seat in play in a year, that thanks to court ordered redistricting, is likely to shift the balance of power in the House once again. Still, she’d be good for fleecing the rubes into donating to the campaign, which I think is the new Republican electoral strategy: Lose, but continuously fundraise off grievance and conspiracy theories.


He ignores her every time she throws herself at him, so…


What is the GQP equivalent to the communist red star?