Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is now in statistical tie with rival as her popularity shrinks, says new poll

Originally published at: Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is now in statistical tie with rival as her popularity shrinks, says new poll | Boing Boing


She says that nonsense because that’s what attracts her illogical core voters. She got in before; and her base ensures she remains a danger to democracy today. So we can’t count her out just because she’s a piece of shit nobody else wants.




Those who keep track have recently noted that 538, even with all their grand data flourishes, has a much less than stellar record.


Colorado, if you really want to help your state and your country, do not vote for her. She does not care about you or your problems. She is a made-for-reality-TV politician who is only in it for the attention. Oh, and she is also a moron.


The shrieking…the shrieking.

The fact that that psycho Boebert commands anything close to 50% of the vote is all the proof that you need that our political system, if not society as a whole, is irreparably broken.


Serious question, though: Did she talk like this before she was elected, or did she get more extreme afterwards? I don’t know.

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The key data point here is “likely voters.” We need to make sure that the less likely voters, the younger, the PoCs, LGBTQ, and otherwise dispossessed eligible voters turn out and vote. The GQP is a minority party who only cling to power by voter suppression and apathy. This is changeable. We are the majority. We just need to make them feel that fact.


This is her first term but her campaign was always built around these extreme positions. Her gimmick was the rootin’, tootin’ gun-toting waitress shtick at her restaurant which appeals to the fake cowboy demographic in her district so she’s always had an element of theater about her. She wasn’t as practiced or polished with her bullshit early on so her rhetoric has only gotten worse.


It isn’t Colorado. I can’t vote for or against her. It’s one district, comprising one-sixth of the total population. The 4th District is even more Republican, and Ken Buck probably committed election fraud, but other than that, he stays out of the news, because unlike Boebert, he isn’t desperate for attention. But to your point, yes, I’m doing everything I can to vote Democrats in, and pass legislation that Republicans don’t like. Because to hell with them.


Apparently, hatred only gets you so far. Who knew?

yes, i should have realized we were talking about one district. thanks for clarifying

Do you have a specific source/report that you’re referring to?

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The worst is Colorado district 5 which includes Colorado Springs. Doug Lamborn is the ultimate hypocrite who rails against government spending but then happily slurps up any and all pork he can for the 4 military bases in his district.

I used to live outside of Co Springs and the special blend of conservative / fundamentalist christian and xenophobic military “patriot” that infects the area is enough to make you want to barf. I hated the fact that my vote was essentially wasted every time.

Yeah, my company occasionally does work in Springs, and every time, I feel icky just driving around down there. Some of the billboards, whew.

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