Boeing and Storage Wars stars in legal dispute over classified tech found in abandoned storage unit

Sorry about this being a month old but it’s worth noting on BB


The property getting seized is not surprising.
The big story to me is the massive fuck up that allowed the equipment to end up in the storage locker.


I must admit that Storage Wars is kind of a guilty pleasure although I need to not think too hard about it. If you scratch the surface, behind the thrill of the treasure hunt is the depressing realization that there’s probably a heartbreaking story behind how the locker became abandoned in the first place.

(Except for the episode where one of them bought Suge Knight’s storage crates, because fuck that guy.)


And here i thought that show was all storage and no war.

I probably would secretly like that show, like pickers, or roadshow. because finding treasures. i bet abandoned storage lockers contain some really weird stuff. okay i’m going to have to watch a few.


Boeing – as with many other aerospace firms – does (at least during the time I was with one of their divisions) allow some hardware (not at risk to national security) to end up outside the industry ‘family’… either by selling the stuff off in their ‘surplus sales events’ (pretty much attended by company employees looking for a nice workbench or tools, and by technical equipment supply houses wishing to keep their mechanical pressure gauge shelves well-stocked), or by donating it (to and for the benefit of academics and archiving institutions). [It was by the latter that we were once able to retrieve a very obsolete item from a museum so we could “play” with it.] As to the equipment mentioned in the story: The items could have been mislabeled; had incomplete/incorrect provenance; or been stolen from Boeing, which could explain why the storage locker was abandoned.


Wait until they find out what’s in Storage Area 51.


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