Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide 2013


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Great list with a few that I have donated to for several years.

Can I request that the USENIX Annual Fund be added to the list? We’ve launched this to help the organization continue its commitment to open access; update and grow our digital library; and continue our work with women in tech, students, and other underrepresented groups. Thanks much.

Another great non-profit to give to this holiday is Exhale. Want to see a world where women with personal abortion experiences are supported and free from stigma? Join their movement to change the culture around abortion. Every gift in December is matched $1 for $1—up to $20,000 at

Amazon Promise has been active in providing health care to people in small villages along the Amazon River and it’s tributaries in Peru. I was involved in one of their first trips back in 1994. They bring in local shamans to work along side western doctors and provide health care in the same areas several times a year. It is a secular organization and depends of donations to continue. Patty Webster is the founder, director and an all around impressive human being. Please check out;
I have made numerous trips with them and have had the chance to see the Amazon River, its people and its rainforest through the eyes of those who live there. It has been and continues to be a life changing opportunity.

Might I suggest for your Canadian fans: Scientists in School - Canada’s largest science charity for kids. Scientists in School provides hands-on STEM workshops for Kindergarten to Grade 8 classrooms where the students become the scientists. I think this charity would appeal to Boing Boingers.

We didn’t make the Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide, but for those of you who haven’t picked all the places where your giving will go this year, I’d like to suggest a donation to Geeks Without Bounds.

At GWOB we support humanitarian open source projects through a combination of hackathons and an accelerator program. We help projects grow their code base, improve their designs and documentation and find new volunteers through feature, bug-fix, and topic-focused hackathons and code sprints. In our accelerator program, we hook promising humanitarian projects up with mentors to help them figure out how to become sustainable. Many of our mentorship sessions are freely available on YouTube so that other projects can learn from them, too.

Your donations help to provide a living income for our three employees who coordinate all the things and to create stipends, hardware grants, and other support to accelerator member teams.

  • Lisha Sterling, Developer Coordinator @ Geeks Without Bounds

The Heifer Project is a unique charity that transcends the usual “give somebody a handout” process that inherently relegates recipients to a lower social status than givers.

When you help an impoverished community become self-sustaining, and encourage them to pay it forward rather than paying you back, instead of creating a client community of (possibly resentful) supplicants you’re helping your global neighbors create their own independent community - one that’s a full partner in a world effort towards distributed, cooperative sustainability.

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