Boing Boing readers among web's most educated


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No doubt this is a smart crowd. But someone’s conflating higher education with intelligence. Correlation, causation, etc.


Boing Boing readers are super-smart, ranking among the top 25 “highest percentage of web traffic with higher education.”

I don’t dispute this. But metrics of “at least an undergraduate degree” are not as much an indication of actual educational processes as they are of institutional affiliation. Learning does not get one “degrees” - participating in a school curriculum does. YMMV but I find it helpful to maintain a distinction between education as a learning process and as a kind of formal societal institution.


Boing Boing readers among web’s most educated

Well, just read the comments and you’d come to that conclusion.


I like to think the level of snark I bring to conversation reveals something about intelligence…

At least I get more likes for it here than I do from my family.


Thanks for proving unequivocally my theory


Adios, mouth-breathers! I’m moving to Fark!


  1. Sorry for bringing the curve down.

  2. Then again, I think this might be BS. No way FARK is smarter.

Fun fact - I started coming here regularly because fark kept linking to it.


The one that gets me is Deadspin. I like a good Deadspin article once in a while and I typically don’t like sports that much but how did a sports blog get that high?


deadspin? now I know this is BS.


I’ll be starting Emperor Norton Middle School in the fall.


Boing Boing readers among web’s most educated

I just noticed, the headline says “readers,” not “commenters.”



I formulated an equasion that proved this very point! And then dispeoved it!


For once, I 100% agree with something the Popobawa has written. I can hardly believe it!


We may be among them, but we’re not of them, if you know what I mean. We have mutated beyond such simple metrics. Except for everyone I disagree with. Y’all are pro-simian, at best.

(this is me, not them)



It looks like I’m part of the 18.9% :frowning:

Is that the same as an equazion?


“Proto-”, perhaps?