Boing Boing Store: The Surface 3 Giveaway

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Remember Cory pissing and moaning about Microsoft trying to “buy him off” by sending him an evaluation laptop with Windows Vista on it years ago?


It says, “ONE Step to Win: Submit your email address and click ENTER NOW”, which is rather brazenly false as you apparently need to sign up for an account before you can submit your E-mail address. Hmm.


It’s a whoooole new BoingBoing these days. We ain’t got no problem with product placement round these parts now. Just as long as the brand name doesn’t require any funny capitalization, then Cory will definitely have a problem with that.

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Oh yeah, I remember when that was a thing. He kept it up for a while, I think.

Then either he forgot or couldn’t be bothered anymore.

Ah well, I also stopped trying to meditate once a week, so we can’t all keep our resolutions.


Funnily enough, he seems to still be doing it at least some of the time… See his post just last week about his wife’s company, MakieLab:

Is the fact that the ‘Verify Your Email’ button is disabled (making sign-up impossible) a cunning ploy so that they get to keep the Surface for themselves?

<button class="btn btn-success btn-lg btn-block" disabled="true">VERIFY YOUR EMAIL</button>

I was interested until I read the “share for more entries”, then I stopped caring. No thanks, not going to do advertising for someone else.


The Verify button appears to work for me.

Works in the sense that it does something when clicked–changing the text for a split second before changing back. Unfortunately, what it does not do is send a confirmation email.

This is both in IE and Firefox.

Maybe he got outvoted? At any rate, I hope everyone else takes the high road and doesn’t enter. It will greatly increase my odds.


What bugs me is it doesn’t actually show tweets/following as more entries. Then again eh, never win these things. Except for the time I got in google’s pilot program.

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