BoingBoing flooded with trump Ads here

Boing Boing crew, you should know that at least in this battleground state location your site is getting swamped with trump ads. You might consider adjusting your google settings to block them.


Why? It’s better the Trump campaign pays to show those ads to an audience that will not be swayed by them. You should probably click those ads, that might cost the campaign even more money :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I dutifully complete every survey and abandon my cart full of MAGAmerch… for freedom :us:

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It’s as if there is a sewage spill on the front page.


I’ve seen trump ads on dailykos.

YouTube is a hellscape of Trump ads currently. But I draw some satisfaction in knowing it is money wasted. But then, the money is going to Google which also sucks.


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