Bombshell report claims Trump paid to watch hookers piss on bed where Obama slept


Probably not that wild. The reason he has to pay professional sex ladies to tinkle on each other is probably that he can’t actually get an ereBBLLREEAAGGHH HHWAARFF HHLK HHHHLK GRUUUAGGHGG



You might want to start again, here:

(much less salacious, far more worrying)


Yes. It’s apparently a former MI6 guy who’s gone private. He was hired by #nextpresident’s GOP opponents during the primaries and then by the Dems in the run-up to the general to do opposition research. He’s considered a credible source with a wide-ranging network, but those in the U.S. government who’ve seen the report are still demurring on whether the details are as credible to them as he is.


The Rise of the Goblin* has gotten me so jaded that I don’t think anything would happen even if this turned out to be 100% true. Even if there was video! I think millions of vocal Trump people would just say, “It’s his private life!” and “This isn’t proof any real wrong-doing!” and “At least he’s not black!” I think it would be a momentary embarrassment for him, and then the country would go back to “normal.”

*You can have the band name!


A lot of upset trolls tonight:


Too bad. You’re missing a treat. I wonder if the guy who took his arsenal to that sad little pizza parlor is going to “self-investigate” this!


That’s what Trump calls his… whatever he calls it


If the journalism is solid, this is indeed “High Crimes”


…b-b-but Trump and Russia are friends! :open_mouth:


Buzzfeed published the reports:


Mother Jones actually published something on this prior to the election, but it did not have the (apparent) corroboration of the British MI6 agent


What was so interesting about that story was how muliple journalists were really excited about it not-quite-on-the-record.

Of course the whole thing was dismissed as desperate wishful thinking by most others.


This may be solid and damning – but as usual Teflon Don will likely find some way to skate through this. It’s like Reagan all over again.


Certainly possible, but the report contains quite a lot of detail. That should give the media openings for further investigation. Things like that are easy to dimiss as generalities, but now several people have awkward questions to answer. Someone may crack.


I’m sure Trump voters would have urinated on Obama’s bed too. I mean, he is the antichrist.


@falcor Can we merge this with:




Man just when you think the shitshow circus can’t get any crazier it doubles down yet again. Well good luck with that Donald.


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