Boneless wings are not wing enough asserts litigation-happy pedant

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This is presumably the kind of litigation someone was trying to avoid with the spelling on this line of frozen appetizers:

Ditto “Froot” Loops.


“Waaaaaaaaaangz” was a horrible failure.


“gonna get me some hot wangs an’ a co’ bur, yup siree!”

damn. that does sound good…

and to the post - i say that i agree with the plaintiff. wings is wings.
nuggets is kid’s menu.


“While the Hefty case was already thrown out”
I see what you did there


This guy is clearly a bit of a crank, but he had a point with the Hefty bag thing. Way way too much stuff is labeled “recyclable” or “compostable” that isn’t, and I think it’s genuinely harming our ability to get people to create less waste. These products area moral loophole for people. If the plastic fork says “compostable” on it, they don’t feel bad about using it and won’t ever alter their behaviour. Compostable plastic is a lie, of course, but it’s a warm fuzzy lie that people want to be told.

Obviously this is not an accident. The plastics industry really wants us to keep using their stuff so they’ve convinced us it’s recyclable and/or compostable. The fake “recycling” symbol that the oil industry lobby managed to get put on the bottom of every plastic thing has probably done more damage than anything in the fight to reduce waste. It’s a straight up lie that they intentionally put on everything to mislead us about this crap being recyclable.

So, yah, I’m more than a little disappointed the Hefty case was thrown out.



reminds me of this

the real debate is not “wings vs. nuggets”, but which wing part is better, the drumette or the paddle?
i’ve already stated where i come down on the nuggets (not wings), where i get feisty is this: paddles are the superior wing part. you can have that last drum. i will fight you for the last paddle!


Some poor intern is going to have a hell of a time jamming all those bones back in if he wins.

100%. The term should be illegal.

When our little single-screen theater reopened post-COVID, I was tasked with making a compliant menu (we now serve beer and wine!!! and NY state requires a “food” menu beyond popcorn and candy). I decided to see if we could get to zero single-use plastic and all local/regional products, if possible. Water was the hardest one until I realized that a local company, Saratoga Water, comes in glass bottles. The only thing I couldn’t fully eliminate were candy-bar wrappers (also the only non-local products). Even after all of that effort and advertising our project to the public, I would still come in and find that someone bought plastic cups for wine drinkers because they were “compostable”. It is absolutely impossible to get the idea out of peoples’ heads, even when they’re knowingly throwing the damn things in the garbage, anyway. In their minds “compostable” = “biodegradable” = “biodegradable even inside of a sealed garbage bag”.


Words have meanings and labels should be accurate instead of misleading.


It’s the left version of watching Fox News. The lie is accepted when it’s a lie you really want, even if deep down you know it’s a lie.

Liberal guilt-ridden hipsters want so desperately to have a way to save the planet without actually doing anything that they will latch on to any lie no matter how obvious. Compostable plastic? Sure, why not!


Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need?

fail behind the scenes GIF

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I’m loving this. My wife claims boneless “wings” are wings. Ha, not on God’s green earth are they!

They responded to the lawsuit. The replies are ridiculous, there are a lot of people that think they were wrong to call them wings.



Funny response, but hamburgers and buffalo wings are both named after the places where those foods were developed or popularized (Hamburg, Germany and Buffalo, New York). So for this line of argument to really hold up they’d need to claim that their “boneless wings” are called that because they were developed in Wing, North Dakota.


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