'Boobies Rock' cancer-scamming scumbag goes to jail


The sad part is that if they hadn’t promised a specific percentage to charity, they probably would have gotten away with it.

Even if it wasn’t a scam “Boobies Rock” in connection with cancer is pretty uncool. Breast cancer is about a serious disease and the women who are fighting it, not about sexy titties.


The scammer guy in the pic there is just BEGGING to be a Scumbag Steve type meme.

Fourteen days?


Yeah, he’ll really learn his lesson, huh?

Ahhhh, and on the other side of that line is “Save the Boobies”, whose donation was turned down by the Komen Foundation, because the campaign was run by Pornhub - not the ‘Boobies Rock’ scumbag.
Although, as editorial writers have mentioned, Komen is happy to take money from large corporations that produce known carcinogenic products.

Note to Komen, scumbags, et al.: It’s not about marketing or perceptions of misogyny. It’s not all about the money, either. It’s about the work to be done, and the discoveries to be made, and the actual solutions everyone is waiting for. Because somewhere not too far from all the insanity with the dollar signs all over it, are a whole lot of people struggling with cancer. Not their spouses, kids, friends, or supporters, however sympathetic. The patients, themselves. That’s the one group who understands that all opinions are the luxury of the living. They’d like to keep having some, too . Please see to that, k?

We wrote about this dirtbag back in 2012, when the Illinois state attorney general began investigating his cancer-scam activities.

She may be a Madigan, but she gets the job done.

As a fun aside, we had a local business a few years back that claimed to be rolling out WiMax in our area, something that raised my eyebrows because we’re pretty rural. Turned out to be a massive scam, operated out of an office right next to Madigan’s local office.

I dunno, i found the “save the ta-ta’s” campaign to be on the right side of that line.


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