Susan Komen Foundation attains the sellout singularity with a pinkwashed fracking-drill bit


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Words. I got none of them for this.


I really hope that we’ve all mistaken the Onion (or equivalent) for real news. Reality can’t be this dumb can it?


There aren’t any - I usually make fun of this sort of thing, but I can’t figure out how to be more ridiculous than the reality here.


Seems like a perfectly symbiotic relationship. /srcsm


I’m getting an 404 error when i click on the BB post to read more. I had to do a workaround and click on the tag and read from there.


Branding stuff with pink is supposed to be for the awareness of it all, no? Now, I don’t know much about gas exploration and extraction, but I’m pretty sure it occurs mostly underground. Trying to decide who is going to see this, exactly. Well, other than the Mole Men.


They can paint it pink but it still has gender issues.


Nothing fights cancer quite like drilling for carcinogens.


Yes it can. See the current POTUS. I feel bad for the staff at The Onion and other such sites.


Same. It seems the article was taken down the front page?

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