Book of crazy-cool caffeine cocktails

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(mostly) non-alcoholic coffee drinks

Yeah, it’s recommended not to underestimate the damage that can be done by mixing caffeine and alcohol for the sole purpose of reducing the depressant effects of the alcohol.


Obligatory link to a related How To Drink video (sorry for the thumbnail):

:roll_eyes: I’ve seen more hot air come out of a steam wand!

What’s next, a personality test result based on my habit of drinking “regular hot coffee add half-n-half?”

At a cocktail bar? “Which drink has the most ingredients I like best” is the usual rubric.

What about when you’re choosing for someone else? My girlfriend gave me Death Wish® brand coffee… :thinking:

my days of red bull and vodka are long behind me, but yeah… what you said.
wierd times one will not remember.

Mine too. Those hangovers were vicious.

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still loves me an espresso martini! but only one and months between.
i’m too old for that shit now and, as you rightly point out, it wrecks a fool!

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I quit drinking just over four years ago, but I can still remember feeling betrayed at how a sweet bubblegum-flavoured drink like that could betray me so hard by morning, and I haven’t had one in nearly twenty years…

Coffee, though, hell yeah :grin::+1:


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