Book Shaming


Continuing the discussion from What will you hide in your $11 book safe?:

#In which we make fun of the book-choices people have posted in pictures


we are so much smarter than they are, we tell ourselves, smugly

NB: that is a picture from the original post in the original thread, no idea whose closet it be, but there’s no image attribution and the post is by @frauenfelder


At least 70% of the books I own have a spaceship on the front cover.


#selfloathing is also welcome, although we tend to refer to it as “self-criticism”.


I’m not going to make fun of your book choices, hell I read the entire Twillight series and all the Dan Brown books, I have no leg to stand on there.


I will make fun of you for that Glade spray. Seriously. Get rid of that. You don’t need it. And it stinks worse than any organic smell any day and it gives people like me migraines for days! Why do you hate me and want to hurt me?


Glade/Febreeze/Etc: Why bother cleaning an area when you can simply mask the odor with chemicals!


Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to smell much of anything after that crap makes me sneeze a half-dozen times and clogs ye old snot locker right up.

As for the game at hand, Tom Clancy and Dean Koontz…::facepalm::

Probably the most cringeworthy thing in my bookcase are the Anne Rice books. I feel no shame for the classics sitting there. Actually, been thinking about reading A Tale of Two Cities yet again. Dickens is much more enjoyable if you were never forced to read him in high school.


Me & ma spaceships ain’t care one iota.


I’m too disturbed by that mess of a closet to focus on the content of the books. Buy a bookshelf and get the darn things outta there! Then I can critique the titles.


I have an entire shelf and growing of Doc Savage and while I enjoy it I make no claims on the quality of the writing. I haven’t read much “new” lately as I have a big pile of Doc and other stuff I wanted to read in the past and hey used books are cheap that I am working through. Plus stuff like compilations of all the Conan stories on my nook.


My guilty pleasure is a complete collection of the works of the late Robert B Parker. Love those hard-boiled pulp mysteries!


No shame there!!

Have you seen Appaloosa?
Half way through this movie I just knew it was written by him, and lo, I was right.
Hard boiled western! :smile:


Yup. Love the acting and period costumes and sets, but they didn’t do justice to the book. (And yes, I do usually say that.)


How about Mary Russell? Are you a fan of Laurie R King’s Holmes reboot series? I just finished Dreaming Spies.


Viggo, Ed, Jeremy and Renee in a hard boiled western?!?!?




i see no shaming here what a shame


No! I have not! I shall have a look around for them!

@Thebarton_Gamer - its really good! :slight_smile:


Hey, I gave a ::facepalm::. Besides, the only book I can think of that might require even more shaming has probably already been shamed to death. “Oh, my.”


I’m more than willing to make certain exceptions for some readers.


I guess I should give his stuff a try again. I found it class preachy, predictable, and kinda boring to read.

Ann Rice though while I haven’t read but a few pages of but my mom loves it. When they republished the Sleeping Beauty books in the 90s I picked up the whole set for a birthday present. “hey mom, have some porn, happy birthday!”


With Dickens, it’s sometimes hard to get past the obscure word choices (intentional on his part), but a lot of his work contains good, biting social commentary that’s as relevant today as it was more than 100 years ago.

I have only read one of Rice’s porn books. Wasn’t very good.